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Basic Handgun - Firearms Fundamentals, Safety, & Marksmanship
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Armed Response to Criminal Attack

    This is the introduction level beginners class that offers training in all the basics of handgun use; safety, storage, cleaning, 
 operation, marksmanship, and static defense.   Lots of information both oral and written is provided to the students who can
 then use that knowledge to properly practice on the range.  This class fee includes membership to the range for the remainder 
 of the calender year for the student and their immediate family.   Details on cost and requirements are described HERE . 

   Here is a Level II handgun course offering qualified adults defensive handgun techniques to repel a deadly force attack. 
 Procedures taught require a mindset focused on surviving the situation by all means available at what ever cost is required.  
 This class is kept small to insure a high ratio between instructor and student.   This class fee includes membership to the
 range for the remainder of the calendar year for the student and their immediate family.  Full details on cost, requirements, 
 and restrictions are described HERE .   

There are 5 ProTEQ Master Instructors who combined have over 180 years of firearms training
and teaching experience.   Two of them have been teaching since the 60's.   The team of 
Range Officers assisting those Masters has nearly 100 years of combined experience.   
 Take a quick look at Who they are------>

   This is the Firearms Fundamentals Class specifically oriented towards Women and focused on self defense. NO men 
 are allowed in as students.  First time shooters with no experience are welcome. Even those without a handgun can be
 accommodated.  Shooters with limited experience will also benefit from this refresher course.   This class fee includes
 membership to the range for the remainder of the calendar year for the student and their immediate family.   
Details on cost,requirements, and restrictions are describe HERE .

Ladies Only - No Man Needed
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  Shooting in a safe and effective manner is not magic, nor does it require the training of a rocket scientist. We 
 are not born with the ability to shoot well, but we can easily learn to do so under the proper guidance of 
 experienced teachers. Shooting skills are developed from good lessons taught by knowledgeable instructors 
 combined with timely practice. ProTEQ has designed successful teaching techniques derived 
 from many sources both in house and in the public domain. Our staff has expended over a million rounds in 
 their thousands of hours of personal training and practice sessions. They have both taught and learned from the
 thousands of students that have stood upon our firing lines during the past five decades. The end result 
 of all that experience is a vast collection of teaching resources available at the finger tips of the ProTEQ Masters.

   All of us strongly desire to protect our selves and our family.   Success in that arena requires training as a team and ProTEQ
 offers a special class designed around that goal.   Couples are taught the individual and joint techniques to effectively repel 
 an assault at home, on the street, or in your vehicle.   You learn how to fight as a team relying on each other while confounding
 and overcoming the attacker(s).    The Couples Class is always kept small to increase the learning potential and provide
 thorough instructor involvement.   This is a Level III ProTEQ Training Course requiring that BOTH parties in each couple must
 have completed a Level I ProTEQ Basic Class and at least one party in the couple must have completed a Level II class. 
 Full details on class cost, requirements, and restrictions described  HERE .

The Couples Class - Surviving Side by Side
Test Fire Opportunity

     TFO is ProTEQ's Proprietary Program to offer new or inexperienced shooters the chance
  to test fire many different handguns for a reasonable fee.   It helps prevent the error of 
  purchasing a gun based on its LOOK, that when fired is found to be inaccurate and/or 
  uncomfortable to shoot.      Come take a TFO - Test Drive.

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More Classes
   The Concealed Carry class is a Level III Armed Response course focusing on the techniques utilized in licensed carry
  of a handgun. You are instructed in various carry modes, alternative equipment, and presentation methods all utilizing
  the advantage of surprise.   Details on cost, requirements, and restrictions are described... HERE .

Concealed Carry - Ready & Waiting