ProTEQ Firearms Academy


The Other Range Officers
 Range Officers (RO)s have been training upon and serving at ProTEQ for decades.    For nearly 
 20 years ProTEQ sponsored the Rose Hulman Gun Club (RHGC).    During that period thousands 
 of Rose college students were exposed to and trained in the safe and accurate handing of 
 firearms.   Many fine and capable Range Officers came from the ranks of the RHGC and several 
 life long friends where introduced to Don B.   Some of the those fine young men & women are 
 pictured here and might be seen upon the range.   Although I'm guessing they will look a bit 
 older.    I DO.
About Donna
 Donna is our newest instructor.   She is a highly motivated and well qualified natural teacher that provides us the very needed female outlook on our classes.    We have to get her photograph and bio in our hands to complete this section