ProTEQ Firearms Academy


About Andy --->

    Andy was our Master Range Officer (MRO).   He was in
 charge of all range safety whenever we ran a class. 
 Andy kept a keen eye on all the people present
 (students & instructors) to see that safe & proper gun
 handling techniques were present.   He has been 
 shooting for over 35 years.   He comes from a family of
 competition shooters and Law Enforcement Officers. 
 Andy served as a ProTEQ RO for nearly 20 years 
 and is an excellent one handed shooter.   He has to 
 shoot one handed because he suffered a stroke at
 age 9 and has very limited use of his right hand.   He is
 a fine example of how shooters with challenges can 
 excel at whatever they choose to face.   You'll see Andy
 on the range so become his friend and student.

 He's too big, strong, fast, and accurate to turn into 
an enemy.    PLUS ........

He's ProTEQ's Gentle Giant.  

About Larry------>

    Larry was the Operations Range Officer (ORO).   He often passed out range paperwork,
 gave advise about the rules, and watched to see that Patrons act properly.   He doesn't come out
 as often now since he moved several miles away from the Property.  He's been an active   
 shooter for several decades.   He hunted for many years.   He's explored the under world as a
 certified scuba diver.   The exceptional part of all that is he did it after becoming paralyzed at 
 age 17.   Larry functions with very weak fingers.   So weak that he must pull the trigger by  
 using the thumb and muscles of his secondary arm while holding the gun with his primary hand. 
 I'm always impressed with how well he shoots.     Larry is another great example of how 
 shooters with challenges excel, because of their drive.   Larry's the one in the Big Van.
Pick on him.....I do
 The Range Officer --------->
<--------- The Marksman
 <---About Mark

    Mark is a Rose Hulman Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineer with about 40 years of firearms
 experience.   He was a walk on member of their Rose Rifle Team shooting 4 years as a Varsity Letterman.
 Mark set 10 out of the school's 12 marksmanship records, earning him induction into their Hall of Fame.
 It took more than a decade and several thousand dollars of new rifles for the subsequent Rose Riflemen
 to beat Mark's records.    He has served as a lead RO and top Instructor at ProTEQ since those college 
 days.   He's also spent many hours shooting Service Rifle in NRA high power matches, winning the 
 2004 Indiana State Championship.   Mark was raised as a hunter and learned most of his initial 
 marksmanship skills shooting ball and patch with a muzzle loader he and his father assembled together.
 He spends productive time with his friends and family in deer stands and rolling fields gathering food 
 for the freezer.    Mark has mastered a broad array of weapons in several categories including archery, 
 black powder muzzle loading, handguns, and AR15s.   He uses all of them regularly.   Mark has an
 extensive background in reloading.   He is knowledgeable in the fields of in-flight ballistics, terminal
 ballistics, and projectile design.   Mark is well informed and quite talented with many different
 weapons.   He also has a fine understanding of how to teach those skills.   Mark is the latest (the 5th) 
 ProTEQ Master Instructor.                Search him out and learn from the best.