ProTEQ Firearms Academy


About Parke

 Parke started shooting his first BB gun when he was just shy of 3 years old.   His father Edd set
 up an indoor range in the basement.    He moved on to real firearms a year later with a Ruger 
 Bearcat and a 10/22.   Parke's now been shooting well over 40 years.  He is the ProTEQ Master 
 Instructor with the most Competition Experience.   Parke was a Collegiate Record Setter for 
 three years on the Rose Hulman Rifle Team before graduating in 1997 with a degree in 
 Mechanical Engineering.   Parke has competed in USPSA, NRA Action Pistol, Master Class 
 GSSF matches, 3 gun competitions, Steel Matches, etc winning top State and Regional Honors. 
 He's been a hunter since he was 9 spending time in the woods, the mountains, the prairies, 
 and the tundra as far away as Alaska (where he hunted bear).   He's been a Range officer and
 a Firearm's Instructor for over 25 years, working with 4H, ProTEQ, RHGC, Law Enforcement, 
 and civilians of all ages.

Parke has three gun rules to live by:
The Number one rule of a gun fight is......have a GUN,
#2.  Two is won and one is none,
​and # 3 is.  You can't miss fast enough to win!
About EDD

    Edd’s life of nearly 8 decades has been filled with diverse opportunities, unique challenges, and masterful accomplishments.   Unfortunately
 much of it must remain confidential.    At a very young age Edd began intensive martial arts training and by age 20 he had become a 
 Ninth (9th) Degree Dan Black-Belt in Juijitsu(i).    In College Edd studied to be a professional percussionist and Band Director who eventually 
 taught Martial Arts and finished as an Engineer.   In the early 60’s he spent a summer as the guest drummer on the Johnny Carson Tonight Show 
 and by the early 70’s he had become the leading developer of Marching Drum Corps with a nationally renowned band camp in Kentucky.   

 In between those drumming gigs he visited a foreign country.  

   His varied abilities and accomplishments put him under the watchful scrutiny of the ISU Security Force, Indiana State Police, and ultimately 
 The US Army.    Edd served in Vietnam as the NCOIC of 18th MP Brigade, Head Quarters Co. COP (Civilian Operations Personnel).    He was 
 skilled and specialized in practical intelligence gathering in the field.    He was the Offensive Instructor for MACV.    His training objectives were 
 physical confrontation, fixed-blade combat, and small-arms use within close quarter circumstantial environments.    After an honorable discharge
 his former military experience lead too a continuing service arrangement in the training methods and skills for small personal firearms with 
 the Special Operations Divisions within the DOD.    Edd has spent over half a century developing and refining training methods and equipment 
 used all over the world by military, police, and civilians.

​    In Edd's off time (Ha Ha) he has headed corporate developments in several fields; Music, Teaching, Polymer Seals, Bio-Medical Devises, 
 Weapons Retention Systems, etc. These have lead to an array of Awards, Recognition, and Honors;

Bronze Star …administration of special skills activity…Long Binh….General C. W. Abrams (1969);
Letter of Commendation, Gen. R. Brooks (1994);
Commanders Award, Dept. of the Army (1995);
  President & Owner of LuLendy Ranch;
  President & Owner of Drum Line, Inc.;
  Director of Operations of Sullivan Group;
  Kentucky Colonel.;
  Ex.VP Davidson, Inc.,  
  Chairman, PurTech Industries;
  Executive Director of International Federation of Leather Guilds;
  Lifetime Merit Achievement Award, Trustee & Founder; Hall of Fame (Leathercraft)
  CEO, E. Lucas Engineering;
  Director and Master Instructor, ProTEQ Fire Arms Academy;
  Father of Eddie, Parke, Shelley, Bert, and Chad; Grandfather to twelve (12) and Husband to Jan.

I am certain of this one thing about Edd ---  "He develops a system and then uses it."

Please read Edd's - LETTER - TO GUN OWNERS