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We started excavation on the Combat Arts Range (C.A.R.) in late 2011.  It was initially used for CAS match events, but soon evolved to a Performance Center Concept where Classes were taught and abilities honed in Defensive Skills.   7 berm excavations are cut into a Shaded Hillside along a Level walking path at the valleys North edge.   These berms provide variable scenario capabilities that can be modified to fit complex training scenarios.  A 48 car parking lot is located 50 yards to the East, another parking lot is being added to the West.    Reinforced Rail Road Ties line the sides of several berms.  In 2017 a wide array of steel reactive targets were purchased. 

WEST VALLEY - Standard Membership - 200 Yards West of the Office
The Law Enforcement / Military Range (LE/M) was opened in 2004.     It provides a 10-lane, Roofed covered (added 2015) 3 to 15 yard PISTOL ONLY area that can stretch to over 30 yards providing Agency Qualification needs.  Action shooting props are available for CQB training.  Several Local, State, and Federal Agency's and/or their individual members utilize the LE/M for official training and casual practice.  The LE/M was originally built for LE & Military personnel, but is now available for Premium ProTEQ Patrons who purchase permission to access the South Valley (Premium Range).   A bullet proof Wall will be erected along the west side of the LE/M to enhance the TR capabilities
The West Valley (Main Range) has been in use for over 45 years.  It provides ProTEQ Patrons an excellent, low cost, facility for Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun practice.  The range extends from 3 to 200 yards.   Target backboards are erected in front of the various backstops.   Reactive targets are in place at 50 yards and beyond.  A roof covered concrete bench provides solid sight in capability.   Many useful shooting supplies are present in and around the work bench.   Heavy White Paper and target drawing supplies along with staplers are provided for your convenience.   Several clay pigeon throwers are present on the shotgun field.   A movable handgun backboard can be indexed at 3, 5, 7, & 10 yards.   Tarps, tools, and several other amenities are on sight.    READ and OBEY the... Rules Page insure you may continue the Privilege of shooting at ProTEQ. 
The Private Training Range (PTR) (Central Valley) is located directly behind the Basement Office. The PTR was first fired opened in the early 70's and currently is used for Private Handgun Training.  It has a wide array of reactive and stationary steel and paper targets.  Maximum distance is 100 yards, but general use is in the 3 to 30 yard configuration.  The PTR is restricted to invitation only (usually a ProTEQ taught Class) and is not commonly available for ProTEQ Patrons to utilize.  Contact us about receiving instruction in the safe, accurate, responsible, and effective use of various firearms.  Our ProTEQ Staff has been training men, women, and children of all ages since the 60’s.  We have the experience, knowledge, and teaching tools to provide the Best in the Midwest.  Get more details about our classes, their dates, and the ProTEQ Master instructors on our... Training Page.  ​  Check us out.

Ranges are generally open 7 days a week from 8:00 AM to SUNSET (or 8:00 PM whichever occurs first).
Time of year, Special events, Range repairs, Construction improvements, or other occurrences can affect these hours of operation, 
so ALWAYS check our Facebook, You Tubethe... HOME CALENDAR....Pages for current updates!
ALL persons present upon ProTEQ Property must be accurately documented;
1. By completing the calendar year ProTEQ RANGE RELEASE and paying the proper FEE,
2. By using a DAILY SHEET line and signing in and out upon every visit, &
3. By ALWAYS following the RULES.
Read the    Membership , Rules , and RESTRICTIONS , Pages

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The 22/4U - (Rim Fire Only Range) opened in October of 2012.   It is located in the North East Corner of the South Valley right next to the edge of the parking and directly behind the Brown Metal Training Center.   It provides a wide array of reactive metal & polymer targets similar to a Carnival Shooting Gallery.   Presently it has about 30 separate shooting points that fall, spin, swing, or move in some fashion along with two paper target holders.  Permanent benches and a roof will be built this Summer.  

NO CENTER FIRE AMMO OF ANY TYPE IS ALLOWED on the 22/4U.  Violators will be Permanently BANNED!!!  
The Short Rifle Range (SRR) is located in the South Valley between the LE/M and the C.A.R.    It currently offers a 150 yard rifle range firing westward with steel and paper targets at 150 yards.    It has 6 uncovered shooting spots that will be expanded to 10 roof covered shooting positions.  Backstop target Boards will be installed at the following yardages - 25, 50, 100, 150.  
An Elevated Archery Range (EAR) is being developed in the Center Valley  (behind the Basement Office).   It will be an ARCHERY ONLY asset.    NO GUNS ALLOWED.   The design will provide the opportunity to practice as if you where in a dear stand.   A Shooting Platform will be very near to ground level, but well above the archery targets distributed down the steep hill side.    This setup will provide ample practice opportunities without the risk of height. The EAR asset will be available to all All fully paid, current year, ProTEQ Patrons.  

Picture coming in the Spring

Picture coming in the Spring
SOUTH VALLEY - Premium Membership - 200 yards South of the Office

Picture coming in the Spring
The Transition Range (TR) is a short distance Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun asset designed for practicing weapons transitions drills.   this is where you hone your skills at switching from one weapon to another as you might do in CQB.     It can also be used for shotgun pattern tests or short range rifle practice.    It is NOT under roof and will never be roofed.   Movable Target Boards will be added at various distances to allow alternative target arrays.
CENTER VALLEY - Invitation ONLY - Directly Behind the Office

Picture coming in the Spring
The Multi-Purpose Range (MPR) is a 60 yards deep by 15 yards wide berm enclosed facility we have designed for advanced training.   It is Pistol, Rifle, & Shotgun capable.    We offer Friday Night Steel Challenge Matches in the MPR.    The MPR is our South Valley Shotgun Range with mounted Clay pigeon throwers.   This area can offer good CQB training opportunities.     You can also rent the MPR for private events.    MPR  It is NOT under a permanent roof, but temporary shade covers can be erected as needed.   Steel Reactive Targets and Paper Target Boards are available in the MPR along with many other shooting assets that can be moved into this berm area.   The MPR is a our most adjustable shooting arena with a wide range of capabilities.    Contact us about the MPR
We will be updating this page several times in April to follow the construction improvements and addition of pictures.   Please check back often.....
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