ProTEQ Firearms Academy



RESTRICTIONS...(Page needs revisions -email me if you have questions)

      ...Some Areas and Assets of ProTEQ are available ONLY for selected groups of Patrons, certain activities, or specific ammunition. YOU are responsible 
  to insure you are authorized to be in those restricted areas or to use those restricted assets.  If you are caught in the wrong area or using an asset improperly
  you will be subject to disciplinary action.   The punishment for breaking ProTEQ Protocol could result in your removal from the Range, impounding of your
  personal property, payment for damages you caused, arrest for trespassing, or permanent EVICTION from the Property.  

      I will NOT tolerate the improper activity by any person on my private property. You have privileges to be on and use ProTEQ property ONLY because 
  I allow it.   I can DISALLOW those privileges at any time.   You do NOT have rights to be on or use my private property.  

Read the Rules, LEARN them, and OBEY if you want to STAY……

The Restricted Areas & Assets are Listed and Explained in the following Boxes and Pages 

1. The South Valley is for PREMIUM & PLATINUM MEMBERS ONLY.   Standard Members & 1 Day Users are limited to the West Valley ​

2. The Long Distance Range (300 to 500 yards) is a Central Valley for PLATINUM MEMBERS ONLY.

3. The Pistol Only Law Enforcement / Military Range (LE/M) …the Large Roof Covered Training Facility in the South Valley.

4. The Combat Arts Range (C.A.R.) …The Performance Center for Training & Development of Defensive Pistol techniques in the South Valley.

5. The 22 Rim Fire Range (22/4U) … the Shooting Gallery just off the parking lot in the South Valley.

6. The Multi-Purpose Range (MPR) is the 360` enclosed berm area for advanced training.  

The C.A.R. is restricted to pistol calibers.   

This range asset contains expensive, reactive, metal targets located CLOSE to the shooting line. Targets are easily damaged by high powered Rifle ammo

You are risking injury to yourself and causing damage by use of the WRONG caliber.   

     ABSOLUTELY NO high powered center fire rifle ammo will be fired upon the C.A.R. or any where near the Performance Center.   ALL such ammo is BANNED
  from this Range Area.   Common examples of this ammo type are: 223, 556, 7.62x39, 308, 30-06, etc.   ANY damage that you cause on this range with 
  your high power center fire rifle ammo will be assessed upon you and collect from you.    This will be assured by the impounding of your rifle and other 
  property present when you are caught breaking the Pistol Caliber ONLY Rule.    The cost of your error will be... a MINIMUM of $1000.00 .

    If you are caught improperly using this Range …your guns and equipment will be impounded and you will be removed from the property.   You will settle
  the damages before your personal property is returned.   You will take a ProTEQ Rules and Regulations Test to regain your Property Privileges.

    The safest pistol ammo is frangible projectiles made from compressed powder.   Next would be the downloaded lead bullets, followed by the polymer coated
  pistol projectiles.   Full metal jacketed (or partially jacketed) pistol bullets are the most dangerous pistol projectiles to use on the steel plates.   Each type can 
  bounce back toward the firing line.   The size of the piece is directly related to it's composition with the FULL METAL JACKETED throwing the biggest pieces.

    Eye Protection MUST BE WORN by ALL PERSONS near the C.A.R. Shooters and Observers  

Don't Risk it...It will be Painful

The 22/4U Range is All About RIM FIRE Shooting

    The 22/4U Range in the North East corner of The South Valley is restricted to Premium / Platinum Members.
       Those individuals can use this asset when they are are shooting Rim fire Ammunition.    In fact any RIM FIRE AMMO is allowed on the 22/4U Range.
          All models of Rim fire pistols and/or rifles are allowed on this shooting gallery setup.
NO Center Fire ammo of any type can be fired on this Rim Fire Range.  That means...
 NO Shotgun ammo, 
NO Center Fire High Power Rifle ammo,
NO Center Fire Pistol ammo.

Break this rule and you will get an up close, personal lesson from that Old Man At’da Range and I promise you will NOT enjoy that Class.

The Long Distance Range (LDR) is located in a Central Valley
  All Platinum Members have access to the LDR (300+ yards).   They are required to show operational capability to shoot safely at longer distances.
  Each must take a ProTEQ LDR Test or show proof of Long Distance Shooting experience.   
  Any individual caught using the LDR without meeting the appropriate criteria will be escorted OFF the property and refused reentry.  
  Such individuals will not be allowed back upon any ProTEQ property until...
   They have taken and passed a required training/testing program concerning the Rules and Regulations of ProTEQ.


The SOUTH Valley
    Use of the South Valley is restricted to PREMIUM & PLATINUM Members ONLY.  
 Standard Members have a fine range available to them in the West Valley for a very lost cost 365 Day fee.    If you wish to upgrade to Premium
 Membership you may do so anytime during your cycle year.   Your current membership payment can be credited towards that upgrade.   
 Range Access Fees have risen from past years due to all the investment in improvements.    The South Valley now offers nearly 60 different
 shooting positions across many different shooting arenas and assets