ProTEQ Firearms Academy


 2. Can I bring a free Guest to the Range?  NO FREE GUESTS are ALLOWED.  ONLY PAID MEMBERS are allowed on the property (see #1 above).
YOU PAY BEFORE YOU PLAY!    (see #1 Above)
This page contains quick references and short answers... 

Be SURE to READ the pages.....

 Membership , RESTRICTIONS , and Rules .  

Most questions are answered in detail there.
​ 6. When does my Fully PAID Current Year Range Release Expire?    

  Your Range Release can also be VOIDED if you break the rules and get ordered off the property.    These are the most common causes: 
​ 1. Safety violations; - especially muzzle sweep, loading behind the firing line, repeat offenses....LEARN or LEAVE.
 2. Disrespectful Behavior; - especially failure to pick up fired cases or take down paper targets.....BE SAFE & CLEAN UP. 
​ 3. THEFT..... I utilize the double "EE" concept...EDUCATE or ELIMINATE.  
4. Destructiveness; - willfully, purposefully, or ignorantly destroying berms, backboards, posts, metal plates, structures, etc....You are BANNED.

Learn the RULES and the RESTRICTIONS... ignorance of them is NO EXCUSE nor will it reduce your punishment.

"A Target of Opportunity"       OMAR (the Old Man At the Range) would advise..."don't become one"

​ 4. When does the range OPEN - generally 7 days a week at - 8:00AM 
    When does the range CLOSE - every day at - 8:00PM or SUNSET - Which Ever occurs FIRST
      SUMMER - 8:00PM - from Mid March through Mid September                       WINTER - SUNSET - from Mid September through Mid March
Instructors & Staff have the authority to close any range as needed.   I will attempt to post the closures on the HOME PAGE and the Calendars. 
 Be sure to check before driving to the range,... there is NO guarantee that the Range will be open when you arrive.

​ 8. Where Can I Learn to shoot?         Who teaches firearms in the area?    Where do I go to learn about guns?        The Answer is ...
     ProTEQ Firearms Academy.      Read the Pages about TRAINING and CLASSES . Follow us on YouTube  & Facebook. 

​ 7. How do I contact the range owner?  EMAIL -   Office Cell - 812-443-5435
​ 1. How do I get permission to shoot here?        
               You Fill out a Range Release, Sign & Date it, PAY the selected fee, and... follow ALL the Rules.
Go read the MEMBERSHIP page
    The first RULE is your paperwork.   If your paperwork is incomplete or In error you are given the opportunity to correct it.    
      If you don't correct your paperwork.....  You are barred from the range until you get it right. 

​ 3. Is there a One Day fee?    YES   
     The One Day Pass is per each Adult age 18 and older - There is NO Family option.   Minor Children (under 18) can be present with the Adult.
     The One Day Pass is for the West Valley Only.   The One Day Pass is NOT a membership. 
     Premium and Platinum Members can chaperon a One Day Pass Person to the South Valley, but are liable for that person's actions.   
     One Day Pass Persons can NOT access the Long Range.     -----JOIN as a FULL ProTEQ Patron & shoot as often as you like----- 
​ 5. What Ranges can I use?      All Paid ProTEQ Patrons can use the WEST VALLEY . The Valley Range due west of the House & Barns.   
                                              Premium & Platinum Members gain additional access to the SOUTH VALLEY, which is 200 yards SOUTH of the House.
                                              Platinum Members earn access to the CENTRAL VALLEY, the New 500 yard LONG RANGE (opening in the Spring)  
                                              The PRIVATE RANGE directly behind the House (Office) is by prearranged Appointment ONLY - NO EXCEPTIONS - Stay OFF
                                              READ the details about each range on the RANGES page.
​ 9. DAMAGES & BREAKING THE RU​LES -  You are on Private Property everywhere on ProTEQ.   When you Break the Rules you face consequences.
                                                                  When you Willfully Break the Rules and Intentionally Damage Property your gun(s), equipment, and vehicles....
                                                                  Can be IMPOUNDED and held until you PAY for those Damages.   Don't Risk it.....OBEY the RULES!

 WINTER HOURS - Mid-September​ to Mid-March.....  8:00 AM to Sunset
ProTEQ is Private Property!!!    It is NOT a Public Range.   
There is NO public access.
   There is NO - FREE entry - for ANYONE.    ALL persons on 
 the property are REQUIRED to have proper and complete 
 Paperwork.    Without that paperwork YOU are Trespassing
 and are subject to REMOVAL from the Property!!!
There are Currently THREE Levels of Calendar Year Membership 

  STANDARD Membership provides access to the WEST Valley ONLY, which contains shooting assets for Shotgun, Rifle, and Pistol.  It has target locations 
  from 3 to 200 yards. It can host a maximum of 9 shooters on the line at one time if all three assets are in use.   
  PREMIUM Membership provides access to BOTH the West & South Valleys. The South Valley provides several shooting assets; A 3 to 15 yard Roof Covered
 10 Lane Pistol Range (LE/M) with fixed Paper Target boards; A Roof Covered multi-bay, building facade, Pistol Range (C.A.R.) Complex that includes 
  a Forward Moving Paper Target Shoot House, a Lateral Moving Steel Target Shoot House, & a Wide Bay Training Area; A dedicated Rim Fire Range (22/4U),  
  A 150 yard Rifle Range, and the NEW 15 by 60 yard Multi-Purpose Range (MPR) providing Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun Capability for Special Training Classes,
  Premium & Platinum Member Use, or Private Event Rentals.    This NEW Area contains many assets such as: a Clay Pigeon Thrower, Paper Target Stands,
  Steel Plate Swinging Targets, Barricades, Portable Roof, Tables, Chairs, Fire Ring, and more.   The South Valley can currently host about 40 shooters on the
  various firing lines.  
  PLATINUM Membership provides access to the West, South, & Central Valleys. The New Central Valley is a Long Range facility to be opened in the 
  Spring with Steel and Paper targets at 300, 400, & 500 yards. 
  ONE DAY PASS replaces any & all prior Guest options.  This NEW offering allows One Person access to only the WEST Valley for ONE Day .
  It cannot be upgraded or credited toward a membership.  Premium (& Platinum) Members can use this offering to bring (sponsor) a friend to the South Valley,
  but that Premium (& Platinum) Member must be present and stay with their friend while at the South Valley.