ProTEQ Firearms Academy

 2. Can I bring a Guest to the Range?   NO.      NO GUESTS are ALLOWED.     ONLY PAID MEMBERS are Allowed to shoot (see #1 above).
If you bring a friend - complete #1 above - movies, dinner theaters, & theme parks aren't free - neither is ProTEQ.

  Multiple variations of Guest Discount Programs have failed YEAR after YEAR.   NONE have proved beneficial to ProTEQ.
      Each attempt at a Guest Discount Program has lost money for... and imposed risk upon.... ProTEQ. 
         Every Adult (person age 18 and older) is REQUIRED to Join as a Member before shooting on ANY Range (see #1 above).
            Standard Membership ($25 West Valley Fee) on a completed Range Release is required in FULL before shooting here (see #1 above).
                IF you STILL don't understand..... 
YOU PAY BEFORE YOU PLAY!         (see #1 above).
Be SURE to READ the pages.....

 Membership , RESTRICTIONS , and Rules .  

Most questions are answered there.
​ 5. When does my Fully PAID Current Year Range Release Expire?    

  Your Range Release can also be VOIDED if you break the rules and get ordered off the property.    These are the most common causes: 
​ 1. Safety violations; - especially muzzle sweep, loading behind the firing line, repeat offenses....LEARN or LEAVE.
 2. Disrespectful Behavior; - especially failure to pick up fired cases or take down paper targets.....BE SAFE & CLEAN UP. 
​ 3. THEFT; - stealing brass, pop, money, membership, or whatever.... I utilize the double "EE" concept...EDUCATE or ELIMINATE.  
4. Destructiveness; - willfully, purposefully, or ignorantly destroying berms, backboards, posts, metal plates, structures, etc....You are BANNED.

Learn the RULES and the RESTRICTIONS... ignorance of them is NO EXCUSE nor will it reduce your punishment.

"A Target of Opportunity"       OMAR would advise..."don't become one"

​ 3. When does the range OPEN - generally 7 days a week - 8:00AM 
    When does the range CLOSE - every day - 8:00PM or SUNSET - Which Ever occurs FIRST

                               SUMMER - 8:00PM - from Mid March through Mid September  
WINTER - SUNSET - from Mid September through Mid March                       

 The West Valley Range is OPEN nearly every day, occasionally it might be closed for repairs, special training, or hunting.   
Instructors & Staff have the authority to close any range as needed.   I will attempt to post the closures on the HOME PAGE and the Calendars. 
 Be sure to check before driving to the range,... there is NO guarantee that the Range will be open when you arrive.

​ 8. Where Can I Learn to shoot?         Who teaches firearms in the area?    Where do I go to learn about guns?        The Answer is ...

                          ProTEQ Firearms Academy.        Read the Pages about TRAINING and CLASSES . 

​ 7. How do I contact the range owner?  ...........................EMAIL               
​ 1. How do I get permission to shoot here?        
               You Fill out a Range Release, Sign & Date it, PAY the FULL selected fee, and... follow ALL the Rules.

Go read the MEMBERSHIP page

         If you don't break any rules......You get to shoot here for the remainder of the current Calendar Year.     The first RULE is your paperwork.
         If your paperwork is incomplete or In error you are given the opportunity to correct it.    If you don't correct the paperwork..... 
         You are put OFF the range until you get it right. 

​ 6. Is there a one day fee?    NO   The annual Fee at ProTEQ is VERY reasonable and will be paid by everyone present.
     Can I just sight in my gun for a cheaper fee?    NO   You need to shoot more often especially if you are going HUNTING..
     I don't come out very often so is there a discounted fee?    NO  ​ Come out more often.  Learn to shoot better & SAFER.
     The year is almost over can I pay less?    NO   You waited till near the year end.   Sign up EARLY.

ProTEQ FEES are a GREAT DEAL - JOIN as a FULL Member - PAY the FULL fee - or shoot some where ELSE.

​ 4. What Ranges can I use?      All Paid ProTEQ Patrons can use the WEST VALLEY Range in the Valley due west of the House & Barns.   
                                              The SOUTH VALLEY Ranges are for Premium Members and have RESTRICTED use limitations.    
                                              The PRIVATE RANGE directly behind the House (Office) is by prearranged Appointment ONLY - NO EXCEPTIONS - Stay OFF
                                              READ the details about each range on the RANGES page.

​ 9. DAMAGES & BREAKING THE RU​LES -  You are on Private Property everywhere on ProTEQ.   When you Break the Rules you face consequences.
                                                                  When you Willfully Break the Rules and Damage ProTEQ Property your gun(s), equipment, and vehicles....
                                                                  Can be IMPOUNDED and held until you PAY for those Damages.   Don't Risk it.....OBEY!

HOURS - Mid-March to Mid-September​
Summer Hours ---- 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
ProTEQ is Private Property!!!    It is NOT a Public Range.   There is NO public access.
 There is NO - FREE entry - of ANYONE.    ALL persons on the property are 
 REQUIRED to have proper and complete Paperwork.    Without that paperwork YOU are
Trespassing and Will be REMOVED from the Property!!!