ProTEQ Firearms Academy


About The Owner - Don B......the Old Man At the Range

First - I'm OLD enough to know better and young enough to keep TRYING!

 I've worn many hats in lots of different jobs spread over countless locations. I am blessed to have survived a long life working at, for, and with 
 what I love; God, Family, & Country. I've been shooting weapons for over 60 years. I've trained and studied almost as long. I've been a 
 Firearms Instructor for more than 50 years. I've designed, built, and operated firearms ranges my entire adult life. I've taught Law Enforcement,
 Military, and Civilians from 5 years young to 89 years old. I and the other ProTEQ Master Instructors have developed and refined efficient and 
 effective methods of firearms instruction based on both proprietary and shared concepts. Our students quickly learn and easily retain the 
 information and skills necessary to safely and accurately operate their chosen firearm. 

​ I am conservative, Christian, & married with grown children.   I strongly believe in the original intent of the Declaration of Independence, Articles of 
 Confederation & Perpetual Union, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.    Those magnificent documents were primarily designed to LIMIT the 
 Central Government not burden free individuals.    The ORIGINAL INTENT of those documents is simple, clear, and fully explained in the writings 
 of our forefathers.   The 250+ men - who penned those papers, signed them into existence, and sacrificed all they had to establish this Nation - are
 Giants among the history of mankind.    Those same men are the true and accurate experts in understanding the source of our Nation and the
 meaning of of our founding documents.     Study US history directly from the Founding Fathers and learn the truth about our Nations Birth.    

 Those original writings prove that the entire process of discovering, establishing, growing, and defending this great nation was initiated, guided, and 
 completed by the hand of God through the use of His faithful Christian servants.    My rights to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of Happiness 
 come from the ONE and Only true Creator of ALL - God.    All my power, strength, knowledge, and very essence come from 
 God my Father , God my Savior (Jesus) , and God (my companion) the Holy Ghost .   There is NO OTHER GOD.    

If you desire the best training available at an affordable cost then ProTEQ is the place to go and Our Staff the Instructors to follow.

- Learn and Practice to be --- The LAST One Standing!

About Steve---->

Steve grew up on the ProTEQ Gun Range.   He fired his first shot at age 2 as 
 part of a safety lesson resulting from him finding one of my guns.   We began his 
 formal training at age 4 and I had him teaching my youngest students by age 9.   
 He has been a Range Officer and Firearms Instructor ever since now having 
 taught well over a thousand students in the past 19 years.   Steve has been  
 competing in USPSA, IDPA, GSSF, and 3 Gun Matches since age 13.  He was
​ 1st place in service rifle at the 2006 ISRPA Highpower State Championship held 
 at Camp Atterbury.   He was on the Rose Hulman rifle team from 2005 to 2008, 
 Graduating in 2009 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.   

He worked 5 years as a Design and Test Engineer at Knight's Armament Company
 assisting with several advances in the weaponry of our US Special Forces, 
 Navy Seals, etc, as well as spearheading the development of state-of-the-art
 measurement methods of weapon recoil, flash suppression, sound suppression, 
 target acquisition, etc.    Steve also taught in Titusville, FL as a weapons instructor
 with Individual Security Solutions, US (ISSUS) teaching students from the ground 
 up, focusing on practical training for the civilian, covering all the fundamentals 
 and advancing all the way to intense low-light force-on-force UTM training, 
 putting students through home-invasion scenarios, carjackings, robberies, 
 active shooter scenarios, and more.     The Main Principle taught being......

"In a dangerous situation; your mind is your weapon, check your six, and survive."  

Steve worked another 5 years as a Research & Development Engineer for FN one of the worlds oldest and largest firearms companies supplying both military and civilian weaponry worldwide.  While in Columbia, SC he taught firearms as a satellite branch of ProTEQ.   He also expended his own engineering and holster manufacturing business - ProTEQ Custom Gear.    Take a "LOOK" at his Ad on our Home Page.  

​Steve now lives here on the ProTEQ Ranch running his Custom Engineering business and serving as General Manager of ProTEQ Firearms Academy.   He also heads up "Forward Operating Church".  A ministry where we teach Church Safety and Threat Response to those congregations interested in protecting the flock.   He is a strong and kind man of God raising his two small children.     who is carrying their first born.