ProTEQ Firearms Academy


Become a ProTEQ Patron and enjoy the Privileges Provided by the Best Outdoor Range in the Midwest 

---- ​2018 FEE Schedule effective Immediately ----
Premium Memberships - includes both SOUTH & WEST Valley access plus other benefits
  $75.00 - (Adult age 18 or Older, includes Family as DEFINED below).     January Jump $65 - This $10 discount expires the end of January 2018

  $25.00 - Law Enforcement - (CURRENT Federal, State, or Local - I.D. Proof required, includes Family as DEFINED below),

​  $25.00 - Military - (Active, Reserve, or National Guard - I.D. Proof required includes Family as DEFINED below),

Standard Memberships - West Valley access ONLY - No other benefits 

  $25.00 - Adult – West Valley ONLY - (Adult age 18 or Older, includes Family as DEFINED below).

​  $10.00 - Student WEST Valley ONLY - WEST Valley ONLY - (age 18 through 24 – Age & Student I.D. Proof REQUIRED - NO FAMILY included),

FAMILY Definition = Your Significant Other, and/or your tax return dependents (children birth thru age 24 who live with you or are away at school).
Those age 18 through 24 tax return dependents must be listed on the the Range Release.
No Other Relatives are allowed on your membership.  ALL other persons must purchase their OWN membership.  

Current Calendar Year privileges ALWAYS EXPIRE ON THE 31st of DECEMBER!

   Joining ProTEQ is simple.   Fill out the current 2018 calendar year... ProTEQ Range ReleaseSign it, and Pay the appropriate Patron Fee.    This action must be done once each calendar year and should be done on the property, using the release forms provided at ProTEQ.    Our Rules require an actual signature on a personally completed form.   Those blank ProTEQ Range Release forms are in a Blue Barrel next to the Basement Office door.    
   You can deposit your completed form and the proper payment in that Blue Barrel by that door.    We accept cash or check, but we do NOT accept any form of credit, debit, or electronic payment.

Range Releases (RR) ALWAYS EXPIRE on the 31st of DECEMBER of the RR Listed Year!
Membership - Standard & Premium
Go read the RULES and RESTRICTIONS Pages 
Completing the Range Release means you have agreed to Obey ALL
ProTEQ Rules & Regulations 
PRINT clearly on the form,
We have to read it.
 If we CAN'T Read it - it is REJECTED,
and You are Trespassing.

REMEMBER to Sign in and out on the DAILY SHEET, 

Each and Every time you are on the range

2018 will be available about December 1st of 2017.
Range Release

​Download & ​Print this 2 page PDF form on a
Single sheet of  8 1/2 x 11 White Paper.
PRINT the 2 pages----- BACK to BACK

Put one sheet of paper into the printer and start printing,   The printer will stop when that page is complete and ask for more paper.   Turn the page over, put it back into the printer, and print the other side.​
Send the completed from and payment to

3057 W Co Rd 1200N
Brazil, IN  47834