ProTEQ Firearms Academy


Become a ProTEQ Patron and enjoy the Privileges Provided by the Best Outdoor Range in the Midwest 
Standard, Premium, & Platinum - Memberships 
Go read the RULES and RESTRICTIONS Pages 
Completing the Range Release means you have agreed to Obey ALL
ProTEQ Rules & Regulations 
If you use the paper forms...
PRINT clearly,
 If we CAN'T Read it - 
We keep your money, 
The form is REJECTED,
and You are Trespassing.

REMEMBER to Sign in and out on the DAILY SHEET, 

Each and Every time you are on the range

Our Full year (365 day)
Range Release
Is Available at the Front door of the new Holster Shop

​Directly across from the mailboxes at the 
Entry to the Driveway.

Follow the directions to fill out the form on the  
Electronic Tablet provided.

​If you pay by Cash or Check, place the payment 
In the enveloped provide.

If you pay be Card there is a 3% charge, so carefully 
Follow the prompts on the card reader.

If you use the paper forms in the second  drawer below the tablet, then place the completed form with payment in the envelope provided.    WE MUST BE able to READ your handwriting, so PRINT CLEARLY.   If we can't read your writing your money is kept but you have no record in our  system.

Membership Definitions are Listed 
The Four Main Categories & Valleys are also detailed.
The Actual Fees are described on the Range Release Below.

    FULL YEAR (365 Day) ProTEQ Memberships started on November 1, 2019.  
ALL prior Forms and Memberships are VOID.   Our new record system tracks every Member from the date of their completed Range Release to the end of their 365 day membership..   BE SURE your paperwork is complete, correct, paid, and signed because... You will be checked! 
    The 3 major Membership categories are...
Standard - $60, Premium - $120, Platinum - $180
Each category provides different valleys and shooting assets.
Some Discounts are available according to your occupation.
The SCSA Pistol Competition Valley can be added to any membership.
  Joining ProTEQ is simple.   Fill out the 365 day Range Release (RR), Sign & Date it, include the appropriate Patron Fee, and place it all in the provided container.   Use the Electronic Tablet by the shop door to sign up.    If you must use the paper forms they are in the second drawer.   PRINT CLEARLY or it is rejected.   We accept cash, check, and cards.
The one person, One Day Pass ($20) to the West Valley is NOT membership & provides access to the West Valley ONLY!!!