ProTEQ Firearms Academy


SCSA Practice Valley - 

Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) is the parent organization of an international shooting competition involving 8 specific target
   arrays that are identical world wide.   We provide you 7 of those 8 stages standing in place 365 days of the year.  The eight stage which is 
   Outer Limits can be erected by removing Showdown.   Here at ProTEQ you have an excellent practice range to hone your skills without
   having to set up and tear down each stage.    If your have membership to the SCSA Valley all you do is...

   Drive up, spread a tarp, practice, pick up your brass, repaint the targets, and either repeat the process on a another stage or drive away.
   There's NO other dedicated SCSA range in the Midwest where practice is that easy to perform at a $10 per stage, per year cost. 
   Meaning you spend $70 for 365 days of access to an excellent practice range, improving you for future matches.   Come check us out.
We are building roof covers over the firing lines.   The first picture shows the post anchors in place on Smoke and Hope
The last picture is an overall shot of the valley where you drive up behind each stage.