ProTEQ Firearms Academy


Monthly Calendars of Scheduled Events
 Directions & Abbreviations 
 To View a Calendar click on any months NAME highlighted in -BLUE- .   If the Day is blank no event is scheduled.  
 If an event is scheduled the Range Used, Provider, and Times Reserved are listed.   That Specific Range is then closed to 
 all other use until that event is over.    If (VCDE) is posted for that Day the ENTIRE VALLEY is closed during the event.
 There are 3 Valleys containing 10 Ranges, providing over 30 different shooting positions;
 WV - West Valley (Main Range) - 200 yards West of the Office. The Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun Range most shooters utilize.
 SV - South Valley (Lemon Valley) it contains the LE/M, C.A.R., 22/4U, SRB, WLS, etc. - See the SILVER FEE.
 CV - Center Valley - This is where the Range Release Forms are kept in the Blue Barrel by the Office Door and where
                               The Private Training Range is located (stay off the PTR - it is invitation only).  

 22/4U -The new 22 Rim Fire Only Range opened September 2012.
 C.A.R. - Combat Arts Range, the specialized PERFORMANCE CENTER training asset  - opened August 2011.
 LE/M - Law Enforcement / Military PISTOL Range where much of the training occurs - opened in 2004.
 MR - Main Range containing Shotgun, Rifle, & Pistol ranges - opened in 1972
 PTR - The Private Training Range (Used by Appointment Only) directly behind the office - opened in 1983. .
 PrTQ - ProTEQ Training Class taught by one or more of our Staff Instructors.
 PTC - ProTEQ Training Core - A student group in long term specialized training. 
 PPA - Panther Precision Arms a Private Instructor contracted with ProTEQ.
 LRR -Long Range Rifle - The South Valley Rifle Range expanding to 500 yards first opened in 2006
 UR - Universal Range -  A future shotgun, rifle, pistol area for reserved Premium Member Group Activities such as -
                                 Birthdays, Big Family Gatherings, Bachelor Parties, Company Events, Employee Outings, or 
                              Organizations Needing to Rent a Firing Range asset for a private activity.    It will also be open to 
                            Premium Members daily use when not reserved. 

 (VCDE) - "Valley Closed During Event" to all parties except the participants - Generally this only occurs in the South Valley













The schedules above are mostly for the SOUTH Valley which is the Premium Facility 200 yards South of the Brick House.
If the Day is left BLANK (no entries) than nothing is scheduled in the South Valley that day and it is OPEN for Premium Member Usage.​
If an Event requires the entire South Valley be CLOSED -  (CLOSURE is explained in RED) .
​If a Class requires quite to teach then the Rifle Range is converted to - (SILENCED RIFLES ONLY) 
Rifle - SILENT - means come enjoy your silencers on the South Valley Range without other LOUD rifles near by (you'll still hear Pistol Fire).
That South Valley contains the Law Enforcement / Military (10 lane covered) PISTOL Range (LE/M), the Combat Arts (Assessment) Range (C.A.R.),
The Rim Fire Range (22/4U), The 150 yard Rifle Range (RR), The Transition Range (TR), and the Multi-Purpose Rental (MPR).
A few of the events posted occur on the Private Training Range (PTR) located in the House Valley directly behind the Office.
These PTR events place NO restrictions on any other ranges  
Seldom does a scheduled event occur in the WEST Valley (the Valley 200 yards West of the Brick House).
The WEST Valley is usually open every day for your practice needs with NO scheduled Events at that location.
The WEST Valley is the Standard Membership Area used by Standard Members and Students.  
The WEST Valley might occasionally close for maintenance and/or hunting.
The Hours of operation are posted / explained HERE.
Calendars for January through March will be posted next week.