ProTEQ Firearms Academy


Professional Training, Education, & Qualification
A 60 Acre, 5 Valley, Privately Owned, 
Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun Range Complex  
 4 miles Northwest of Brazil, IN. 
3057 West County Road 1200 North, Brazil, IN 47834
Southwest Corner of 1200 N & 300 W

 The FIVE Valleys, of our 60 acre ranch, contain areas, that have been carefully developed into multi-use Shooting Ranges.   Each area offers unique opportunities and grouped together they supply a wide assortment of shooting opportunities.  Various Memberships Options provide ProTEQ Patrons access to one or more of those areas.     

 The West Valley - Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

 The South Valley - 
The Combat Arts Range (C.A.R.)
Law Enforcement/Military Range(LE/M)
22 Rim Fire Range (22/4U)​
Wide Line Rifle Range (WLR) ​
Multi-Purpose Range (MPR) 
The Transition Range (TR)

 The Long Distance Range Valley​ - (LDR)
currently 300 & 400 yards

 The Steel Valley - SCSA
Steel Challenge Practice & Matches

 The Office Valley -
Private Training Range PTR)
Future Elevated Archery Range (EAR)

 ProTEQ Teaches and Operates upon these 4 basic Safety Rules:

1. Assume ALL guns are loaded,
2. Point the gun in a Safe Direction,
3. Keep Your finger off the Trigger,
       until your ready to shoot,
4.  Be sure of the target.
 READ the RULES & Obey,
if you want to stay!
Fail to follow ProTEQ Rules and Regulations... YOU will be removed from the property.
......4/1/23   Summer Hours  8:00 AM to 8:00 PM ....... Stay connected -- LIKE US -- on Facebook -- FOLLOW US -- on YouTube.
All Membership Rates are increased by - $20 - starting TODAY 4/1/23.
OPEN - 7 days a week - from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. (Summer hours)
-NO GUESTS-  ALL Adults MUST have current, complete, paid paperwork.  (no exceptions) .
- EVERY ADULT (18yrs & up) MUST be on a Paid Range Release...    All Memberships are 365 days !  
The One Day pass is for 1 Person, for 1 Day, in the WEST valley ONLY.
   Membership is explained HERE .   Range Release Forms have moved to the Holster Shop Door at the Driveway Entrance.
 Training Rates for 1 on 1 training - $60 per hour  Rates for multiple student training - $50 per hour per student.
CURRENT NEWS - 4/1/23.  
Long Distance Range (LDR) is operational from 300 to 500 yards.    
    The road is complete to 400 yards.   The 300 yard Berm is complete with a gravel turn.  The permanent 400 yard berm is being built.  
    The new 500 yard Swinging Steel Plate is installed.   The prone platform is leveled at the LDR Bench.    Contact us to schedule your LDR qualification test.
    Central Valley - Steel Valley Range (SVR)  The unique 7 days a week practice facility for Steel Challenge Shooting Association (SCSA) events. 
    The SVR has been operational for 3 plus years.   A match is held every 2nd Saturday of each Month.     It starts at 8:30 AM. 
    Practice is now possible 7 days a week for those authorized to use the SCSA Steel Valley.
    4 of the (8) certified target arrays are continually installed in the SVR.    All 8 are possible, but require installation.
    A large graveled parking lot is built on the South side of the safety berm. 
​    .
    South Valley - Multipurpose Range (MPR)  The MPR is a 65 yard long by 15 yard wide fully encircled with berm arena offering 240 degrees of targeting.   
    It allows Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun capability within it's enclosure, offering steel, paper, and clay pigeon targets (the clay thrower is mounted in the NE corner). 
    5 to 7 - AR-500 targets plates are permanently installed in the MPR.  Paper target stands & barricades are stored outside the north side berm.
    REMEMBER - NO Armor piercing ammo is allowed on the Property.   NO green tip, NO tungsten core, NO steel pin, NO penetrator, etc. etc. etc.  
    The MPR offers wide flexibility in setup and training, but REQUIRES you put away and clean up EVERY VISIT.   Failing that rule terminates your membership!!!  
    We have installed a gate and covered the MPR floor with rock.    Leave your vehicle OUTSIDE the MPR.​   
    West Valley - The WHITE berm in the West Valley is NOT a shooting backstop, it is a Safety Wall installed to BLOCK the OLD Drive, DO NOT fire at it.    
          If you fire down that OLD West Valley Long Lane --- You will be BANNED off the Property - PERMANENTLY!!! 

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