ProTEQ Firearms Academy


​ Standard  = $40...  West Valley ONLY (the original Range beside 1200 N - (Old Rio Grande Road)).
The Patron and their spouse plus dependent children have access to the 200 yard Rifle Range, 50 yard Pistol Range, and Clay Pigeon Launching Shotgun Field.   Maximum Firing Line capacity about 10 shooters.
 SCSA = $60...  SCSA Valley ONLY (the New Range facility located between the West and South Valleys) 
 The SCSA Patron has access to this specialized facility to practice on the SCSA specific target arrays.  
No other property access to any other ranges is allowed.   No family option is offered.  
The SCSA Patron must have competed in at least one ProTEQ Steel Challenge match.
 Premium = $100...  South & West Valley access.
The Premium South Valley contains several shooting assets for rifle, pistol, & shotgun --- 
A 10 Lane, 3 to 15 yard, Roof Covered, Paper Target, Pistol Pavilion (LE/M), 
A Rim Fire, Reactive Steel Area (22/4U) ,
A 150 yard, 8 position, Steel / Paper Target, Rifle Range (SRR), 
A Reactive Steel Pistol Caliber ONLY Range (C.A.R.)
A multi-propose Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun Enclosure (MPR).
 Platinum = $160... Long range, South, & West Valley Access
The Long Range Rifle Facility is operational out to 400 yards (& planned to 600).   
It currently has two temporary backstops at 300 & 400 yards from the 1000 pound steel bench.
Construction continues to 600 yards, build a second bench, roof cover, and permanent backstops.   
 Add on SCSA = $40... add the SCSA Valley to another membership
You can add the SCSA Valley described above to any other membership for $40.  
You still must obey the rules and requirements detailed above. 
There are some discount options offered for certain work/service categories.  
They primarily exist in the Premium membership. 
They are detailed on the Range Release. 
All require ID verification.
Read them carefully.
  The "Significant Other" listing has been eliminated (due to Liability issues).   
  The Family Option has been restricted, tightened, & redefined to included ONLY the Spouse and Legal Dependents .

  We are working to install an electronic membership signup system as soon as possible.   It will be located at a kiosk by the OFFICE.
  The Patron will enter all their range release date from a keyboard.
    The Paper Range Release option will still be offered.
Payment by cash, check, or card will be possible.  

PLEASE follow our Facebook and YouTube channels.    Just search for ProTEQ.

OMAR (the Old Man At-da Range) 

Range Release and Membership Changes took effect November 2019