ProTEQ Firearms Academy


​10/22/23 - Effective Immediately we are converting to a FULL YEAR (365 Day) Membership System.   ALL memberships (Standard through Platinum) that initiate or renew on the NEW Range Release (RR) Form will have a full year (365 day) membership from the RR date forward.  

Most but NOT ALL of the membership fees will remain the same for 2020. 
The "One Day Fee" and the Student rate are increasing. (see the membership page).  
A Competition category is being offered to Steel Challenge participants.
The "Significant Other" listing has been eliminated (due to Liability issues).
The Family Option has been restricted, tightened, & redefined to...
    Included ONLY the Spouse and Legal Dependents .
The LE/M definition and its variations have been tightened. 
Proof of Student Status or LE/M verification WILL BE REQUIRED.. 

The Paper version of this 365 Day RR is at the Basement Office Door and posted as a PDF on the website.   At the present we still ONLY accept cash or check payment, but read on to learn more   

We are working to install an electronic membership signup system as soon as possible.   It will be located at a kiosk by the office door and online within one or more of our websites or social pages.   It would allow credit card payment.  
 We are currently researching several programs and related equipment.   

AS SOON AS this systems is operational we will notify the members and public through various means.  

PLEASE follow our Facebook and YouTube channels.    Just search for ProTEQ.

NOTICE: The above changes have evolved from Two needs...
        Better Service to Our Fine ProTEQ Patron Members and 
        Elimination of "those persons" attempting to CHEAT ProTEQ.

        We offer what is likely the best and most versatile outdoor range in the Midwest.   We allow the Patrons to safely practice procedures and techniques unavailable at nearly all other facilities.   We teach and promote concepts of safety, operation, marksmanship, & self defense that must be practiced to attain proficiency.   PLUS... We do so at a VERY AFFORDABLE price.    It has become readily apparent that some individuals choose to Abuse ProTEQ by trespassing on the Property and using the facilities without paying.    We are dedicated to catching and eliminating those thieves.    Since they are on PRIVATE PROPERTY their assets can be impounded, held till damages are paid,  and/or be arrested for the crime of Trespassing, therefore DO NOT be one of ---"those persons"--- because you will get caught by... 

OMAR (the Old Man At-da Range) 

New Range Release and Membership Changes took effect November 2019