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"Reloading - Making what you Want"

   Reloading is the cost effective way to shoot more.   It requires a substantial initial investment in equipment ($300+) and supplies (about $200)  
 and It demands you learn some discipline.    Good equipment will last for generations and the supplies are consumed in an enjoyable endeavor. 
 You learn the value of your off time and stop wasting it in front of the TV.    ProTEQ’s reloading program offers you the chance to test your skills 
 for a month and decide if you want to become a life long Reloader.   We provide the equipment, components, training, and support.  
 You provide the labor and the love of learning.    For more details about this training program go... HERE .

 "Revolver Techniques on the Range and in Self Defense" 

    The basic revolver design has been around for almost 200 years.   It retains popularity because it is accurate, versatile, and simple to run. 
 Simple means that there are very few control buttons, levers, or switches to learn, remember, and manipulate.    Simple does not mean you 
 naturally know how to effectively operate a revolver just by holding it.   They can be small, light, easily hidden pocket rockets that hurt on both
 ends of the muzzle, nice, accurate, pleasant shooting range trainers, or huge, powerful, hand cannons that will drop most beasts on four legs.
 Proper and effective use of any revolver comes only from good training and practice.    Edd and I started with revolvers decades ago, we trained
 our children in their use, and we all continue using them today.    Revolvers are fine weapons when you know how to deploy them.   
 This Level I & II Class fee includes membership to the range for the remainder of the calendar year for the student and their immediate family. 

 Learn how from ProTEQ..... HERE.    

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 "Carbine - Your Primary Weapon"

​   The Handgun is a useful tool because it is relatively small, light, and easy to carry, but it lacks power.    In a serious battle you need a fighting rifle
 capable of accurate, effective, sustained, and distant capabilities.    That Primary Weapon needs to be a Carbine of your preferred design in a 
 caliber of your choice, but just owning one is not enough.    You need training and practice to successfully deal with the stress and circumstances
 of a life threatening event, where your handy side arm is simply inadequate.   Our Carbine Class addresses the issues of equipment, caliber, and 
 techniques necessary in fighting to survive.    The class fee includes membership to the range for the remainder of the remainder of the
 calendar year for the student and their immediate family.  Full details on class cost, requirements, and restrictions are described...  HERE . 

 "Defense Scenarios - Testing and Training Mind and Body "

​    Defense Scenarios is a Level III course focusing on expanding, testing, training, and experiencing the techniques and mind set required to survive deadly encounters.    It involves movement, bystander risks, hostages, situational awareness, threat assessment, resolution, equipment failures, etc all while under the stress of the shot timer.    Full details on class cost, requirements, and restrictions are described...  HERE .