ProTEQ Firearms Academy

  Plans & Improvements - Past, Present, and Future
GREAT NEWS 2/9/17 

     I just ordered NEW REACTIVE PISTOL TARGETS & Paper target holders for the NEW Performance Center (the C.A.R.) 
(The area is being remodeled into a Defensive Training and Practice Arena with both paper and steel targeting assets)  C.A.R.  
 They are over 100 target units being built.    Some are now delivered and the remainder should arrive before the end of February.   
 Many will be installed immediately (after assembly, painting, and testing) while others will wait for completion of Stage Remodeling.   
 Most are based on Silhouette representations for more realistic Defensive Training.    A few will be two person competitive arrays.   
 A couple will go into the Rim Fire Range.    The South Valley and the NEW Performance Center C.A.R. will become the best Practical 
 Training and Practice Arena in the Midwest.    Watch for new Level III & Level IV Classes being developed for this asset later this summer. 
 Get busy and get qualified for those classes by graduating from our Level I & Level II courses.
REMEMBER >>>> Pistol Caliber - LEAD ONLY or FRANGIBLE Ammo will still be >>>>> REQUIRED!  

     The SOUTH Valley - 

The Premium Range
2/4/17 - The West Valley Parking Lot has expanded.  Tire bumpers are being added by the Shotgun Parking Area.    A retaining wall now guards the Port-a-Pot.   4 NEW Equipment Storage Tables have been order and will be installed behind the Bench Roof & Pistol Line.

 2/26/17  -  Stages 1 & 2 now have new REACTIVE Steel & Paper Holding Targets in place.     More will be added as they arrive in the coming weeks.
                     This NEW shooting asset - (The Performance Center) - is for the development and practice of Defensive Shooting Skills with your Pistol
                     The NEW C.A.R is a Pistol Only Practice Arena.   If you are caught in or near this area with any High Power Rifle It will be impounded and 
                     It will NOT be returned until you pay the damages present on the C.A.R.    OBEY the PISTOL RULE at ALL TIMES!!!!  (NO EXCEPTIONS)

    The NEW Performance Center (Combat Arts Range - C.A.R.) in the South Valley will continue undergoing changes as we remodel and add target assets.
         The Eastern Bays (nearest the Parking Lot) will be the first to become operational.   The Far West Bays will shut down for several months.    
              The NEW improvements will benefit ALL Premium Members who enjoy PISTOL SHOOTING 


     The WEST Valley - 

The Standard Range
     The CENTRAL Valley - 

The Private Range
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     2/11/17 - The first shipment of steel targets and paper holders arrived TODAY.    Shooting Trees and Falling Plate Racks are being assembled, painted, and 
 tested.   Some will be installed in the First (far East) Stage of the C.A.R. shortly.   Reactive Silhouettes and More will arrive in the next few weeks.    
      Come out to enjoy... BUT REMEMBER.....

 Pistol Caliber ONLY - ALL LEAD or FRANGIBLE projectiles - REQUIRED -    NO ball or hollow point ammo allowed on the Steel in the C.A.R.