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I am NOT Politically Correct, I never was, and I NEVER will be... 
  This page contains many strong worded and very opinionated comments.    If you 
   can't handle that sort of discussion - Don't Read any further.   Get OFF the page...
   so READ or use your "Right to LEAVE" the page.   My "Right" is expressed below!!! 
   PC - Politically Correct - is the Liberal, Socialists, Radicals RAPE of your God given and Constitutionally protected RIGHT to express yourself. 
 NO ONE has the right to deny you, your opinion or your effort to express it.   Everyone has the right to NOT LISTEN to you if they choose, but 
 they have NO RIGHT to stop you from speaking your mind.    I will NOT be bullied by Nationalities, Colors, Genders, Orientations, Ages, Illegals,
 or Radicals of any persuasion.    They can have their opinions as do I, but they can not PREVENT me from expressing mine especially since they 
 CLAIM the RIGHT to express theirs.     STAND UP and FIGHT BACK or bend over and take it.     That is YOUR CHOICE!!!   
STAND UP and FIGHT BACK or bend over and take it.
Clinton/Obama Failed & Americans were murdered.    Read the Benghazi Report for yourself, get the facts, ​
NO - Person, Group, State, or Nation has the moral authority to deny you, your right of SELF DEFENSE, your birth right to LIVE.
Deceitful Politicians promote restricting the "...Right to bear arms..." claiming it's for your safety while knowing it's about your SLAVERY (to them).
Traitors such as those should be removed from office and turned aside in every election or they will ENSLAVE US ALL.
Obama, Clinton, Sanders, and the rest of the Liberal/Socialist Democrat Scum (including to many DC Republicans) in and around Washington DC want you CONTROLLED.
 - VOTE WISELY - or suffer their slavery - It is Your Choice (your future?).
 STAND UP and FIGHT BACK or bend over and take it..
​  Here is an INTERESTING ARTICLE about Gun Myths .
  Deceitful presentations and misconceptions promoted by Liberal, Socialist like Obama and his following feed you these LIES on a regular basis.
​Demand the White House Traitor be Tried, Convicted, and Hung for his Treason toward All Christians, All Jews, and Israel. He has continually supported Muslim ideals for 8 years, destabilized the middle east, flooded our country with undocumented illegals, and stood by while thousands of Christians have been murdered world wide. He is a TRAITOR and deserves punishment.
September 11 2001 - American Airlines Flight 11

At 8:24:38 am, a voice believed to be Mohammed Atta's was heard by air traffic controllers, saying:

 ..."We have some planes. Just stay quiet and you will be OK. We are returning to the airport." 

 ..."Nobody move, everything will be OK. If you try to make any moves you'll endanger yourself and the airplane. Just stay quiet." 

 ..."Nobody move, please. We are going back to the airport. Don't try to make any stupid moves." 

The plane's transponder was turned off at 8:28 am. 
At 8:46:40 am, The plane flew into the North Tower.
The Results of --->  Hope & Change
The LIARS in the News