ProTEQ Firearms Academy


The Long Lane (LL) List - Shooting 300 yards and beyond at ProTEQ

    The 300 yard (and beyond) shooting range pathway is called the Long Lane (LL).   It's use is restricted to those individuals who have
 obtained written permission to use the longer range facilities.   Those individuals have taken and passed a required written test to prove
 their understanding of and capability to shoot beyond 200 yards.   Any individual caught using the LL without this prior written permission
 will be escorted OFF the property and refused reentry.  Such individuals will not be allowed back upon any ProTEQ property until they 
 have taken and passed a required training/testing program concerning the Rules and Regulations of ProTEQ.


If you wish to be included on the LL List contact us to make arrangements for your WRITTEN test.


List of Approved Long Lane (LL) Shooters
Alphabetically by Last Name
Last Updated 1/22/15

The master copy of the Long Lane (LL) List with full names and dates of approval is on file in the ProTEQ Office.  
ALL LL qualified shooters MUST receive written approval by email (or snail mail).
Verbal Approval IS NOT accepted - get it in writing!! 

Verify with Don B that YOU are LL listed and Approved or risk the loss of ALL ProTEQ Patron Privileges.

 The following individuals are granted permission to use the Long Lane (LL) if the following conditions are met:
 1. Named must be a current ProTEQ Patron who has filled out and paid upon a current year ProTEQ Range Release;
 2. Named must not have allowed ProTEQ Patron status to have lapsed for more than two years;
 3. Named must abide by all ProTEQ Property Rules..

   DA.Alkire, S.Arthur, N.Bagley, R.Bailey, G.Barr, J.Black, S.Brannan, D.Brannan, J.Brill, J.Burrello, R.Burns, A.Call, 
   M.Cannon, G.Carter, G.Cobb, M.Colchin, B.Cooper, L.Davis, M.Davis, C.Deakins, M.DeBow, G.Diana, 
   D.Everhart, T.Farley, W.Fellure, M.Fields, P.Firebaugh, J.Frazier, S.Girton, W.Gregory, M.Harbin, B.Harder, A.Huhn, 
   A.Ingle, D.Julbert, R.Kaiser, D.Lambert, D.Latta, J.Latta, J.Laue, E.Lucas, P.Lucas, L.Lutes, P.Malone, C.Martin,
​   G.Marshall, C.Miller, K.Miller, L.Milner, A.Moore, C.Morgan, D.Mortensen, D.Nevins,  C,Pebbles, J.Perdue, 
   S,Reed, D.Scifries, H.Simmons, J.Simonson, MN.Smith, L,Southworth, J.Todd, M.Toney, DA,Verostko, 
   I.Walker, J.White, B.Woods,    

 The master Long Lane list of full names is on file in the ProTEQ Office.   ALL LL qualifiers MUST receive written approval by email or snail mail. 
 Verify with Don B that YOU are LL listed.

    I'm starting the process of building a LONGER Rifle range located in the SOUTH VALLEY.   
It will take several months to get operational and likely a couple years to finish all the improvements.   
The end result should be a 25 to 500 yard Rifle range with several benches serving at least 10 shooters at once.
The far left bench will be a 12' x 12' elevated platform for prone shooting at the longer distances. 
The far right bench will be short range only (25 to 100 yards). 
Some of the benches will be under permanent roof and some will not.
The plans are to set fixed target boards at 25,50,100,150, 200, 300, 400, & 500 yards.
Steel Swinger Plates will be installed at 'some' of the longer distances.
The current 300 yard LL on the Main Range will Ultimately CLOSE when this New Rifle Asset opens and
The 120 yard Safety Berm on the Main Range will be extended westward blocking that original LL flight path.

PLEASE understand that while this work is ongoing there will be times when the LL and/or one Valley will be CLOSED.
I will try to prevent the construction process from ever closing both valleys, but NO GUARANTEE is implied.    

The end result of these improvements will create an increase in some ProTEQ fees.
The plan is a two tier membership system allowing you to choose your Range, your Costs, and your Opportunities.

   BRASS PASS - Main Range Only (200 yard and shorter) - Lower Cost ($20 per adult), No Access to any other ProTEQ Range. 

   GOLD PASS - Full access to both Valleys and Premier Privileges including reservations - Likely cost $60 to $100 per adult. 

LE, Military, Cowboy, Student, or Family adjustments will be offered, IF verified CURRENT ID is provided. 

If you wish to express your opinion concerning these plans contact me through....... email