ProTEQ Firearms Academy


Rifle Silent 

This message will be seen on calendar dates when an event in the SOUTH RANGE needs a quite environment.    It means the South Valley Rifle Range is OPEN for SILENCED RIFLES ONLY.   It means bring your suppressor and enjoy the quite.   

Rifle Silent allows our instructors to speak and teach over the noise, while you the shooter can still enjoy your toys.    It occurs only during the hours of any Class.   Classes are generally scheduled on some Sunday afternoons.  

COME out on Rifle Silent Days and ENJOY!

REMEMBER - Rifle Silent is ONLY offered on the SOUTH Range.    The West Range is open to rifle use almost everyday of the year.    What ever is posted on the Calendar is almost always taking place on the South Range and has NO EFFECT on use of the West Range.  The West Range is reserved for individual ProTEQ Members to enjoy their firearms (Rifles, Pistols, & Shotguns) without any interference from organized activities.    The West Range is first come, first serve, so there can be wait times.   

Be Polite, Be Clean, and BE SAFE.