ProTEQ Firearms Academy


NOTICE - major change to valley access
On July 26th we experienced another incident of disrespectfailure to follow the rules, and irresponsible behavior by persons on the property.    

   As a result we will be strictly enforcing the rules on ALL persons present and if necessary removing any that fail to comply.   Punishment for wrongful behavior will vary from cleaning up, to repairing damage, taking training, replacing assets, and/or termination of membership.   The worst violators will have their guns, equipment, and vehicles impounded as they are arrested for trespassing and charged for the cost of damages (your assets are retained as collateral untill you settle your bill).     

    The parties involved on the 26th TRASHED the South Valley leaving hundreds of shell casings in multiple arenas - The 22/4U, the C.A.R., the MPR, the Rifle Range, etc.    It appears they did not pick up even ONE fired case.    They also did NOT sign in on the daily sheet.    They may have even trespassed with NO MEMBERSHIP.      They were seen by other members, but not addressed or questioned by those members, and thus came and went without any interaction.   If a ProTEQ Member had reminded them to sign in on the daily sheet, or ask them if they were members, or explained to them the REQUIREMENT to BE SAFE AND CLEAN UP, or engaged in some manner --- this TRASHING (& other problems) might have been avoided.    

    ProTEQ is the MEMBER'S Ranges and it needs to be protected by THOSE MEMBERS to insure they still have it to use.    YOU Paid for it, YOU like using it, and YOU have permission be present, as long as YOU are a MEMBER and are in the Correct Valley for your membership level.   

    THAT is the second problem occurring this weekend.    Members using the WRONG Facility.    We continue to find people in the South Valley with no permission, validation, membership, or just cause to be present  , .    ONLY Premium or Platinum Members have South Valley Privileges.   YOU Premium & Platinum members have PAID for that privilege and ONLY YOU should receive that benefit, therefore the following starts today (July 27th, 2019)...


​If you are a Standard Member or a 1-Day user you do NOT have access to the South Valley - STAY OUT.    We are ending the advertisement process of allowing a Premium or Platinum member to bring a Standard or 1-Day user into South Valley as a shooter.    You can give them a tour to SEE IT, but they CAN NOT shoot in the South Valley.     Shooting in the South Valley is RESTRICTED to SOUTH VALLEY MEMBERS!!!  

Steps we are taking...

SIGNS - several are going up today - READ and OBEY or get punished.

CHECKS - WE will be asking everyone every time to verify their membership.   BE SURE you have any special discount ID WITH YOU! 

ACTIONS - You will leave the area from which you are NOT authorized


Effective Immediately - Don Brannan - CEO,  Stephen Brannan - GM, & ProTEQ Instructors, Staff, Representatives