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​We continually Modifying the training Modules and Edit the Class Descriptions.  
 Most of Our classes are now 4 hours long and often scheduled on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 5.
This way most of our Staff can be on site for each Class and provide a broader training experience.
Class sizes are limited to insure an optimum Instructor / Student Ratio so Register for Class SOON. 

The Monthly Calendars available above list the Current Year Class Schedule. 

Private Classes can be arranged, but the fees are sometimes higher.

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These Pages are continually under construction.
"Reloading - Making what you Want"
   Our Reloading class is a one on one hands on experience for the beginner to test his interest in the process.    You are trained on a single stage 
 press in the simplest and clearest method of safe reloading.     Each step is explained in detail while being demonstrated.   You then practice that 
 procedure for several cycles learning the do's and don'ts of that particular step.    At the close of the class (about 2 hours long) you have 
 successfully produced 2 or 3 dozens rounds of reloaded ammo.    At that time you leave with your ammo and a complete single stage reloading
 setup that you can keep and use at home for 30 days.    In addition you take home a supply of components sufficient to produce 2 or 3 hundred
 rounds.    You are encouraged to buy your own supplies and reload all you wish during the trial month.   At the end of the 30 days you return the
 equipment.    The class cost is $100.
 Contact us for a private one on one reloading class set to your schedule.

 "Teach the Kids to be Safe and Stay Safe"
 "Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, and Storage"
 "The Long Range Rifle"
 "Shooting Through the Smoke "

The Classes listed below are some of our other ProTEQ offerings, provided in customized fashions to meet your needs.
If you don't see what you want to learn then ask us and we will design a course study for you.    
 "Hunting for Food "
 "Pump Shotgun - The Home Protector" 
"Your Primary Weapon the Carbine"