ProTEQ Firearms Academy


Professional Training, Education, & Qualification
  The BEST Privately Owned 
Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun Shooting  
 Complex in the Midwest,
4 miles Northwest of Brazil, IN. 
3057 West County Road 1200 North, Brazil, IN 47834
Southwest Corner of 1200 N & 300 W

  Three separate Valleys, located on 60 acres, have been carefully developed into multi-use Shooting Ranges.   Each area offers unique opportunities and grouped together they supply an assortment of shooting needs.   Some ranges are very specific in purpose and limit to who may use them, while others are open to all ProTEQ Patrons.   There are currently 10 separate shooting RANGES  in those 3 valleys:

The West Valley - Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

 The South Valley - 

The Performance Center (CAR)

The Law Enforcement / Military Range (LE/M)

22 Rim Fire Range (22/4U)​

Wide Line of Shooters Range (WLS) ​

Sight-in Rifle Bench Range (SBR) 

The Transition Range (PRS)

 The Central Valley​ -

The Private Training Range (PTR)

Future Elevated Archery Range (EAR)

 ProTEQ Teaches and Operates upon these 4 basic Safety Rules:

1.  Assume ALL guns are loaded,

2.  Point the gun in a Safe Direction,

3.  Never put your finger on the Trigger,
       until your sights are on the target,

4.  Be sure of the target.

 All persons on the property are required to sign the Calendar Year Range Release and pay the appropriate fee. Failure to abide by the ProTEQ Rules and Regulations will result in your removal from the property.
READ the RULES & Obey,
if you want to stay!
07/15/18 ......READ the ... FAQ's ...LEARN the... RULES ... DON'T be a... FOOL ...  BECAUSE they Go Away...
WOW - We can See 500 Yards.
On Saturday (7-14-18) - 10 of us worked hard till about 1:00 PM.   We now have a clear sight path from the bench to the backstop.   That was a LOT of trees to cut down.   There is still plenty of work ahead pulling them out and cleaning up the brush.  ---COME HELP---   Building the backstops and the bench will also take some time and could use your help.
This will be a GREAT LONG RANGE for those future ProTEQ Platinum Members.
Watch our Facebook and You Tube Channel.   Stephen updates them daily.
Many Weekday Mornings we'll be working beyond the 300 yard backstop and traveling past the 200 yard back stop.   
WATCH THE SIGNS and OBEY THE RESTRICTIONS or suffer the consequences.

Generally you'll be allowed to use the West Valley out to 100 (One Hundred) Yards while we are working
PICK UP Shell Casings, Take DOWN Targets, Put Things AWAY - CLEAN UP!!!.
The C.A.R. (Combat Arts Range) is the area along the NORTH bank of the South Valley.  That entire hillside is for Pistol Calibers ONLY 
Frangible Projectile Ammo is recommended as the safest choice on the Steel plates. Read Why ---- HERE.
SUMMER HOURS (Mar 15th to Sept 15th).   8:00 AM to 8:00PM..
    South Valley Berm Work & 500 Yard Expansion Project  
I'm out this morning collecting pictures to post this afternoon!    Watch carefully when you are on the range
 BAD AMMO and your rifle
STAND UP and FIGHT BACK or... bend over and take it.
 WARNING... I am NOT PC... read this at your own risk