ProTEQ Firearms Academy


Professional Training, Education, & Qualification
  The BEST Privately Owned 
Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun Shooting  
 Complex in the Midwest,
4 miles Northwest of Brazil, IN. 
3057 West County Road 1200 North, Brazil, IN 47834
Southwest Corner of 1200 N & 300 W

  Four separate Valleys, located on 60 acres, have been carefully developed into multi-use Shooting Ranges.   Each area offers unique opportunities and grouped together they supply an assortment of shooting needs.   Some ranges are very specific in purpose and limit to who may use them, while others are open to all ProTEQ Patrons.   There are currently 9 separate shooting RANGES  in 3 of those valleys with a another valley opening soon:

The West Valley - Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

 The South Valley - 
The Performance Center (C.A.R.)
Law Enforcement/Military Range(LE/M)
22 Rim Fire Range (22/4U)​
Wide Line Rifle Range (WLR) ​
Multi-Purpose Range (MPR) 
The Transition Range (TR)

 The Central Valley​ -
Long Range (LR)

The Office Valley
The Private Training Range (PTR)

Future Elevated Archery Range (EAR)

 ProTEQ Teaches and Operates upon these 4 basic Safety Rules:

1.  Assume ALL guns are loaded,

2.  Point the gun in a Safe Direction,

3.  Never put your finger on the Trigger,
       until your sights are on the target,

4.  Be sure of the target.

 All persons on the property are required to sign the Calendar Year Range Release and pay the appropriate fee. Failure to abide by the ProTEQ Rules and Regulations will result in your removal from the property.
READ the RULES & Obey,
if you want to stay!
......04/19/19               Summer Hours  8:00 AM to 8:00 PM .......... Stay connected -- LIKE US -- on Facebook -- FOLLOW US -- on YouTube.
Check the updates on the page title --- RANGES ..
Steel Challenge - Every Friday Night - 6:00 pm. - 4/19/19 RAINED OUT-- see you on the 26th 
The South Valley will be "Rifle Silent" (Suppressed Fire - silencers installed) from 5:00 pm to close EVERY Friday Night during match setup and event.
... OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND - May 4th & 5th.   Free Entry to the South Valley... come see and enjoy the opportunities of
  Premium Membership.    Saturday - Various INGO members from around the Midwest will be "running their guns" single to full auto.  
  Sunday - a Machine Gun Demo will be setup.   Both days a Food Vendor will be on site.   BRING your guns and ammo and try out a
  wide variety of shooting assets in multiple bays.   Visit with many like minded sportsman (Some might even let you shoot their guns). 
LEOSA Qualifications - May 16th 3pm to 6pm - South Valley - Rifle Silent during event .
Just added - MILITARY VETERAN DISCOUNT on Premium Membership (proof of service is required).   
Check the Range Release & the Membership page.
Watch our videos on You Tube  
The 2019 Range Release is in the Blue Barrel by the Basement Office Door & on the Website
2019 Membership Fees have increased -  New Options are Offered to members and guests...
Standard - $40, Premium - $100, Platinum - $160, or One Day Guest Fee - $15 
(see the Range Release for details)
Watch us on Facebook and YouTube .
..SOUTH VALLEY NEWS.....  The main drain line is installed across the South Valley (4/17/19).  
  Work on the LR (Long Range) will resume April 17th.  Temporary target boards, Steel Swingers, and a simple bench will be set in place, but the first action will be to
  Install the access bridge.   EMAIL US to get your address placed on the LR List.   Initially a Long Walk or an ATV will be needed to access the target boards.     
  Later in the summer a final driveway to those distant targets will be installed.    The current 300 yard range will be closing and blocked off
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