ProTEQ Firearms Academy
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(Professional Training, Education, & Qualification)

Is a Privately owned multi-faceted Shooting Range Facility in Clay County Indiana ...... ..........4 miles Northwest of Brazil.

3057 West County Road 1200 North, Brazil, IN 47834

ProTEQ provides it's members the most cost effective outdoor rifle, pistol, or shotgun shooting ranges and training facilities available in the Midwest...........JOIN and Enjoy
  Three separate valleys, all located on 
  the 60 acre Brannan Ranch, have been
  carefully developed into multiple use
  Shooting Ranges.   Each range offers
  unique opportunities and grouped
  together they supply a wide assortment
  of shooter needs.   Some ranges are 
  very specific in their purpose and limit
  who may use them, while others are
  open to all ProTEQ Patrons.   There are
  currently 7 separate shooting RANGES 
  in those 3 valleys:

The Cowboy Action Range (CAR)

The Law Enforcement / Military Range (LE/M)

22 Rim Fire Range (22/4U)​

The Main Range

Wide Line of Shooters Range (WLS) ​

Sight-in Rifle Bench Range (SRB) 

The Private Training Range (PTR)

 ProTEQ Teaches and Operates upon these 4 basic Safety Rules:

1.  Assume ALL guns are loaded,

2.  Point the gun in a Safe Direction,

3.  Never put your finger on the Trigger,
       until your sights are on the target,

4.  Be sure of the target.

The Rules Page explains in great detail the rules and regulations to which all ProTEQ Patrons agree. All persons present on the property are required to sign the annual range release and pay the appropriate fee. Failure to abide by the ProTEQ Rules and Regulations will result in your removal from the property.  

READ the RULES & Obey,

if you want to stay!

  Updated... 11/15/14 ...READ the ... FAQ's ...Check the...  NOTICES ... and LEARN to... OBEY ...if you want to... STAY  ...
THE RANGE IS CLOSED for the The First TWO DAYS of Shotgun Deer Season.
This fact has been posted on the November Calendar and The NOTICE Page for months.
Today 11/15 & tomorrow 11/16 - ALL of THE RANGE is CLOSED!!!
Several Items have been left on the range that I suspect are wanted back, but I DON'T know who owns them.
.If you have left valuables here please EMAIL ME with your details. 
NOW is the time when you need to keep contacting your representative and demanding they OBEY your orders.     
They Work for YOU.
 Good News Article on GUNS and Training                                   Pine Ridge Regulators Cowboy Matches 
        Range Hours - Today thru Spring                                                                        Buffalo Rifle Shoot & Wild Bunch Raid - Next Spring
        8:00 AM to SUNSET                                                                                                                            Cowboy Action Match - Next Spring
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